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The Fleecemask

Collagen is an essential component of the epidermis. A number of its properties are especially important for practical applications.
After having become indispensable in the medical field, for instance in the treatment of wounds, the product is ever more appreciated for cosmetic treatments.
In order to preserve the biological value of its structure, this natural substance is freeze-dryed according to a patented procedure. During the process of freeze-drying, the native collagen fibers are gently isolated and form a micro-porose fleece.
The outstanding qualities of this "bearer substance", such as the ability to absorb large quantities of cosmetic active ingredients, are highly appreciated by patients as well as cosmetologists. The principal of transdermal systems well known in the medical field is also applied for cosmetic care with fleece masks. This means:
unimpeded transportation and short paths for all cosmetic active ingredients.
It goes without saying that fleece masks do not contain preservatives and have very good physiological qualities. The product is processed without using chemical interlacing agents giving a very high degree of safety through superior raw material quality.

Effect of the fleece mask:
- visible improvement of the skin structure.
- strengthening of the epidermis.
- improved absorption of skin-active ingredients.
- increased absorption and storing of moisture of the skin cells.
- improved discharge of skin impurities.
Furthermore, gentle massaging of problem areas or the whole treated area is possible.